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Astila ceramic locates in Morbi city, INDIA. As a modernized enterprise, it integrates Research & Development, Production, Marketing sales and Services together. Astila Ceramic specializes in exporting a Wall Tiles for many years in the world.

Astila ceramic has won the trust and loyalty from its buyers and distributors by scientific management system, excellent staff, powerful R & D competence & production capacity, especially the competitive prices. We are here to give your innovation in design with qualitative approach to insure that you are getting the true value for money as far as our product is concerned.

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We do not have a single dissatisfied customer in our sales history.


Our manufacturing techniques are having full compatibility with environment.

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Vitrified Wall Tiles
300 x 600 mm

Digital wall tiles can enhance any rooms, whether traditional or modern , brightening its spaces and evoking sophisticated and refined atmospheres around.We are producing 300 x 600 mm sized digital wall tiles. we offer variety of tiling concept with 200+ Products in total. Hope it will be the right fit for your dream projects.

Heavy Duty Digital Vitrified Tiles 400 x 400 mm

Whatever style you want to create in your parking - from a light and airy country parking to a sleek and modern one - at Astila Ceramic you’re sure to find a parking tile and gardan Tile which will suit your needs. Manufacturing of Outdoor Vitrified Tiles 400x400 mm.

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We believe in developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with a client.